Short term for one of the best car audio equipment there is. Rockford Fosgate.
That Fosgate Punch Series 3 subowoofer hits hard.
by [GS]-Schwag June 07, 2004
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A big small town that your parents and your grandparents probably grew up in too. Popularity matters because Rockford kids never leave. If you aren’t a football star or one of the girls sucking him off good luck getting anywhere. The kids tend to do coke, but only stoners get arrested because that’s a drug for poor people. Oh and don’t move here if you’re not white, unless being treated like you have a rare disease is appealing to you.
Person one: I went to high school in Rockford

Person two: oh so you’re rich?
Person one: No, but my parents were cousins!
by Iamyourvapelord July 09, 2018
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City in NW Illinois. A former heavy manufacturing center, this gritty city is now known for high taxes, high crime, and high unemployment.
by beaman February 24, 2004
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Second biggest city in Illinois. The most popular city in the Swadhay Family. The home city of the Rockford Council and Gangsta Nation of Rockford. Suburbs include Loves Park, Machesney Park, and Cherry Valley. Well known for backstabbing business men. It is now home to 3 Walmarts! Chicago ratings are going down, but thankfully Illinois has Rockford to make up for this loss. Also known as "Da Rock"
I am going to Rockford this weekend.
by Rockfordian December 11, 2006
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Imagine if you will, a hick community that sports three Walmarts, where the most unfortunate aspects of society are on full display, fused with a dying manufacturing city analogous to Detroit. It has the same crime and poverty problems of inner city Chicago but none of its culture or other benefits. The school system very well prepares students for a productive life of janitorial service, or prehaps entrance into the fast food industry, which is the main source of income in Rockford, other then drug dealing and prostitution. On that note, It may be speculated that there is crack in the city water supply. For entertainment, the city has seventh street which has its selection of unregulated hookers of all shapes, sizes, and std's. Athough the only other from of entertainment is watching the buildings decay as you waste your life away in a drunken bliss, because in this town, alcohol is your only friend. As for love's park, a suburb of Rockford, there is no love there, just pain and suffering.

If you enjoy crack and hookers and high taxes with little return in services, then Rockford is for you.

Rockford of Tomorrow: The largest employer, Hamilton Sundstrand, which produces aerospace products will move out, which will compound unenployment to depression era levels. Meth, which is moving eastward form the West Coast, will most likely take its place.
by Caveman135 March 14, 2010
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the horrible, crime ridden town where either you are a gangster, a whore, or made fun of. this place usualy has about 1 death a day at the least, and has more marijuana then culumbia. its also the prision in which i am forced to live.
everyone in the right mind avoids Rockford
by Graciilu September 15, 2008
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