Pacific Northwest United States and/or British Columbia
i.e. Oregon, Washington, Idaho, (Western Montana).

Sometimes refers to only Western Oregon, Washington & B.C.
which have Pacific Coast moderate temperatures; and, an
abundance of seasonal rain - often constant drizzle at sea level;
heavy snows in the mountains. "The Pacific NorthWet"
"The scenery in the NW is some of the most beautiful in the world."
by Cholo Hellamongo October 14, 2006
NW; abbreiviation of Neopian Writers a board on
This board is infamous for it's strong spamming community of "regs".
It is ofter affectionately reffered to as the ghetto of

Have been known for their Mass Spams, which involve groups going out and making multiple boards of a similar topic.

The NW often goes to other boards on and brings their mass spams there. The EMS(Evilthings and Monster Sitings board) is a praticular favourite.

Regs at the NW are called NWers.
2.I live 4 da NW.
3.Da NWer Maria impregnated me AND SHE WON'T PAY 4 AN ABORTION ;-;
by yourmam January 7, 2007
The NW is a formerly amusing board (Neopian Writers) on however as of late all the most interesting people have left and it is a mere shadow of it's old self
Have you seen the NW lately? Haven't had an organized posting in WEEKS!
by Varkasarus-Rex September 22, 2008
stands for No way! Used mostly in an on-line chat.
by Marika January 23, 2005
A group of super-nerds who clain to be the best gaming clan in Canada but don't even play any games.
Excessive amounts of virginity can be found in its members.
by blow me November 29, 2003
Meaning Nude Whore: a girl that a guy uses to get nudes off of. This guy may be under the impression they have an emotional attachment or are dating but the guy is just seeing it as a way to get nudes and is probably getting them off others too.
Bob: hey I heard you and Nicole have something going on
Bill: nah man, she's just my NW, nothing special

Bob: nice
by Gingerpubes69 December 14, 2015