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"Man fuck Donald trump, he wants to build a wall and don't pay taxes!!"
by January 30, 2017
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Pacific Northwest United States and/or British Columbia
i.e. Oregon, Washington, Idaho, (Western Montana).

Sometimes refers to only Western Oregon, Washington & B.C.
which have Pacific Coast moderate temperatures; and, an
abundance of seasonal rain - often constant drizzle at sea level;
heavy snows in the mountains. "The Pacific NorthWet"
"The scenery in the NW is some of the most beautiful in the world."
by Cholo Hellamongo October 13, 2006
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NW; abbreiviation of Neopian Writers a board on
This board is infamous for it's strong spamming community of "regs".
It is ofter affectionately reffered to as the ghetto of

Have been known for their Mass Spams, which involve groups going out and making multiple boards of a similar topic.

The NW often goes to other boards on and brings their mass spams there. The EMS(Evilthings and Monster Sitings board) is a praticular favourite.

Regs at the NW are called NWers.
2.I live 4 da NW.
3.Da NWer Maria impregnated me AND SHE WON'T PAY 4 AN ABORTION ;-;
by yourmam January 07, 2007
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1. nW is a term used to describe a person with no real life, who spends much of their time bullying people in online games and attempting to hack people over the internet. An nW is typically vulgar, uneducated, and perfectly sealed inside their own little world of "safety".

2. A term used to describe a person who feels like a god when all the other people that are bigger than him are gone.

3. Someone that is single, and typically tries to impress the oppposite sex by attacking others verbally online.

4. A person who goes online to use vulgarity as a way of reassuring himself, and whose only joy come from puffing themselves up around other pilots. They use this sort of mental masterbation to feel tough.

5. Farmers derived this term from the cattle ranches in the 1800s. At the end of the day, a certain farmer would have to scoop the cow dung off the stable floor and load it into a wagon. His usual response was "no way", before they pulled straws to decide who got stuck with the task. As a result, farmers now call cow dung "nW", short for no way. It is a term not common among the higher class of more educated people.

6. nW is an online gamer that uses obscenity, vulgarity, and homosexuality to anger other people online.

7. In some isoloted parts of the world, it us used to describe excretion.

8. The lowest level one can reach of online gaming. Once one has exhausted all forms of immaturity and idiocy, they reach the level of nW. Few have ever reached this level before. The last known human to reach this level did so in the year 2001. His name was David.
There is an online pilot who's call-name is nW, and he is well known throughout the online gaming world as being somewhat of an arse. Few like him, and those that do are only pretending to be his friend in order to get the best of him. He has no real life friends, and brags about his non-existent girl friend he dreams about. His only joys are holding the online record in flying, and cussing out other pilots. His skills online are due to his bad connection. He lags people out, and therefore never beats them honestly.

It so happened that he picked on a small group of online gamers one day, called FBH, that turned the tables. He lost his site, his online power, and his position on the Zone. He brought new meaning the the word idiot online. Well done nW.
by The One April 13, 2004
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stands for No way! Used mostly in an on-line chat.
by Marika January 23, 2005
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