Audio - The Internet handle of the most leet user in existance.
Shit, Audio, you am teh leet.
by RobGriz August 13, 2004
AUDIO is a boy band. This boy band was formally known as B5. They go by the name AUDIO. AUDIO consists of the 5 lovely Breeding boys, Dustin, Kelly, Patrick, Carnell, And Bryan. They have left bad Boy Records and now are with Upfront Megatainment. They have worked with many artist such as Akon and Bei Majejor. Check out there new single "Single" on YouTube. You can always visit them at
"Have you heard about the boy band AUDIO?"

"Yea they are coming out with some smangers!"

Smagers = Smash + Bangers
by bloombbb d[-_-]b July 25, 2011
Action characterized by the selection of outdated, abrasive, inappropriate, or otherwise unpleasant music in a public setting. Such action may be intentional or unintentional.
Audio Terrorist: "I noticed a couple approach the TouchTunes Jukebox. Little do they know I just put $20 into the mobile app to select terrible music making them look like total squares."

Victim 1:"Let's listen to that new hit song that everyone likes - What the hell! I didn't want to hear Who Let The Dogs Out by Baja Men 13 times!"

Victim 2:"Why the fuck did you pick this shitty music? This is audio terrorism. I'm going to a different bar."

Audio Terrorist(Disguised as a victim): "Yeah WTF!"
by ThorskyHustle October 2, 2013
Ted ate too much Mexican food last night that I could hardly hear myself think today, thanks to his anal audio.
by dejaflu August 20, 2010
A typical school extra-curricular club that in the 60s - early 90s used to be very nerdy and uncool. Now, AV has become very advanced, you get to learn about the recording industry, getting students ready usually to get a good college for audio recording. Jobs include running live sound for concerts and plays, and lighting design. Can be a very rewarding experience. WARNING: May lead to catching the audiophile fever.
Audio Visual was fun today. We got to skip half of our classes to run audio for a show.
by alexis123 June 17, 2008
a game on roblox, where it consists of listening to music and socializing with people in chat. tho it’s very chaotic, you encounter some decent people. a lot of “yo mama” and “deez nuts” jokes you will encounter in game. while you can meet new homies, you also have scumbags who think every dark topic is hilarious. you have the cool players vs hated.
yo mama: “wanna play audio visualizer?”
random idiot: “sure!”
by yo mama (sus) June 4, 2021