A relatively small city located in Northwest Illinois. Sadly enough, Freeport is the biggest city in Stephenson County and the population was 26,443 at the 2000 census.
In 1858, the second debate between Abraham Lincoln and Stephen A. Douglas took place in Freeport. Whoop.
This city has been named Pretzel City USA, although there is no longer any pretzel bakery OR factory and there is more than one high school in the US (hell, in Illinois) with a pretzel as the mascot.
This town is full of hicks, potheads, and 'gangsters'.

Freeport has a high rate for teen pregnancy and STD's, because the teenagers located in Freeport have nothing better to do than have sex with each other. In 2009 alone, 246 cases of Chlamydia were reported. Gross.
Freeport's main attraction is the Walmart. Other than the wonderful 24-Hour Walmart, there is nothing to do and nowhere to go.
Person 1: "I partied in Freeport the other day, and now it hurts to pee!"

Person 2: "You might want to go get checked for Chlamydia, Bro."

Person 3: "...Who's down to go to Walmart?"
by Nestle. January 15, 2011
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A small "city" in NW Illinois where everyone is moving out and all the businesses are closing. There is nothing to do here but drink and do drugs. If you drive down Prospect, Carroll, Pleasant, Iroquois, Illinois, Miami, East Empire, High st. or Shawnee at night you will probably get shot. There is a lovely little shop by the MLK center, there are always people crossing the street to get there who dare you to hit them. There are 2 cops. There are alot of crack heads with nasty teeth. If you are looking to buy a particular item, chances are none of the stores will carry it and you will have to go out of town, if you need a job, prepare to make minimum wage. Your neighbors either sell or do drugs, or both. The north west side is becoming a ghost town. It has lots of fast food joints and banks, but nothing else. The high school mascot is a pretzel.
Hey lets go to Freeport for a fresh Pretzel, it is the Pretzel City you know! Oh... you don't have fresh pretzels?
by yumtaco January 22, 2015
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Preppy town in Maine that has a huge shopping area of various outlets. Volvo station wagons, polo's, and frappucino's are a necessity. Known (state-wide) for the cross country, and skiing teams. Also the home to L.L. Bean
Wow, you can tell that person is from Freeport.
by mogo December 23, 2005
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Freeport Issa town in New York also known as treeshport🤣there’s good and bad people, the girls there are basically thots and pass arounds, some of the boys are sexy asf but got stds yikesss😂☹️Our varsity football team is fiya okayyy.. but there’s a whole bunch of felons, and rapists there it’s really not safe🤣
my nigga Freeport is something else wrd2 on my slime 🙄”
by Deezley November 7, 2018
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A place in walton county Florida. There’s kids doin hard drugs and pregnant. chances are if you date someone from here you’re gonna get cheated on. everyone’s crazy. everyone knows everyone. you can’t do shit without it being known, you don’t even gotta do nothing and there will be rumors about you. almost everyone’s a pothead, shit they even call it freepot (idk why tho the cheapest is like 5$ a gram) basically it’s a shit hole. it’s fuckin crazy.
Oh he’s from freeport? Do NOT date him.

Cause he’s from freeport.
by fuckkthehoess October 16, 2019
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A small town in Maine, is the home to many outlet shops, if you have any of the following you will fit in: A condo up at Sugarloaf, Volvo/Saab/SUV, You wear polo's(collar popping is a necessity), Snowboard or Ski, Have read the book Prep(and enjoyed it), and go to Starbuck's at least 3 times a week.
We pre-game harder than you party, here at Freeport
by nm05 February 9, 2006
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Town in northwest Illinois. Totally craptastic. Home to a whole bunch of broke african americans. Home to a bunch of dilapitated Victorian mansions. Home to a whole slew of boarded up houses and garbage littering everywhere. Home to a Days Inn hotel that, while actively in use, looks like an apocalyptic ruin or other vacant abandonement. Freeport is a dump.
The bus goes through freeport on the way to Chi-Town. Don't get off in Freeport. It's not worth the pain.
by Aitlan Favafa April 21, 2005
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