(Verb) Old hippie technique of emptying the tobacco out of a cigarette, and refilling it with marijuana.
"Dude, I don't have any more rolling papers!"
"It's cool, I will just punch a cigarette."
by dgbrown May 6, 2009
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Having pussy for lunch. The word is a portmanteau of pussy and lunch.
Lisa invited me over for punch.
by thoughts_and_prayers July 17, 2019
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To administer a narcotic, namely Heroin, by intravenous injection.
I was fucked after punching that dime, good shit though.
by DeltaKilo September 20, 2009
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A gentle sign of affection; an immesurable sign of love for another person; a gentle touch. People often ask for these, so don't be shy.
'Hey, can I have a punch? I'm not feeling well.'
'Hey, mind if I punch you?'
'I love punching people, and I love it when they punch me back.'
by StupidTess August 28, 2008
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An action used to express and/or describe some one's or some thing's epic fail at carrying out simple task(s). *Punch punch punch* is demonstrated by the punching of one's own open palm 3 times. No more and no less. It must make a punching or "slapping" sound in order to create the right effect.
"There's a 3v0 breakaway and Sam has the puck!"
"WTF? He's running into the wall"
**Punch punch punch**
by Quizzledorf June 12, 2008
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When you are tired or did something that was tiring
After that jog I was punched.

He looked punched after his football game.
by F.I.L.E April 26, 2021
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