The term the DPRK uses for giant nock off nerf bullets.
North Korea says they can launch a ‘Rocket’ to the USA. They can’t. Foam isn’t easy to propel efficiently across giant oceans.
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by Hi, I'm Steve January 10, 2019
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A Floridian rapper. Subjectively, his music is alright but lacks lyrical depth, personality, and technical ability. Personal character traits could be defined as: sneaky, manipulative, dishonest, cold, and lazy. Does have some redeeming qualities but not enough to tip any scales in his favor
Hey, have you ever heard of that rapper called Rocket? No.
by MeloYelo February 27, 2018
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1)A missile, a spacecraft or a aircraft.
2)A slang for a penis.
1)The rocket is flying to the sky!
2) Oh my gosh, look at his rocket! It's erect!
by LY Lee June 13, 2015
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Scouse name for a big fat spliff......... called a rocket because that's the only way you can get to the moon...... obviously us scousers think that the moon is pretty high hence the use of the word........... also it brings new meanin to the term "blast off"
You gettin on this rocket lad??

Had a wake n bake this mornin kid.......was a fuckin rocket me heads gone
by TheClawknows May 26, 2020
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