a cool ass superhero that flys around on a rocket pack and kills nazis with a stolen luger
by madjack July 13, 2004
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person who pilots a rocket. Member of a force or core who travel by and/or pilot rockets.
Slang: rocketeer -driver of a modifed import sports car. The import automobile is a "rice rocket" hence the driver becomes a "rice" rocketeer.
The rocketeer climbed the ladder, opened the hatch and took his seat at the controls of the spacecraft.
by jbarker November 26, 2003
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A person that drives a motor vehicle with extremely excessive speed and shoots past other vehicles on the road. Applies to those who are also wheel whippers as they usually tend to do this after wheel whipping.
God DAMN! That rocketeer must be doing atleast 15 over the speed limit!
by E April 05, 2005
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A person who is either, nuts, fucked in the head, a lunatic or anythin similar. Or a faggot who thinks ther mad as fuck.
(See Space Cadet)
You're a fuckin rocketeer m8
by Holty December 28, 2003
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A girl whoses really high and takes alot of webcam photoes all of a sudden, whilst denying their highness
Guy: wow your such a rocketeer
Girl: No im not!
by Apricoter November 16, 2010
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a girl that a hockey player finds attractive, often a teammates sister
player 1: dude, check out that rocket

player 2: bro, that’s my sister

player 1: i’d still hit
by spicy cucumbers June 20, 2021
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