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(v.) to open the trunk of ones vehicle with an ulterior motive, such as getting a weapon or showing off a sound system
"If he keep on talkin' shit, I'm fixin' to pop the trunk." - Pimp C of UGK
by E July 1, 2003
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A slang term for Desert Eagle. This way of saying it expresses much joy and fondness for the Desert Eagle pistol manufactured by Israeli Military Industries and provided by Magnum Research Inc. This expression is most often used when describing the .50 caliber version of the Desert Eagle pistol.
Oh, Jesus! Look at how funny Desert Oogee is when fired point blank at that woman's face!
by E March 25, 2005
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an amazing alternative to windows, which uses color and design (GUI, actual exterior) to make the computor experience exciting
iMac, iPod, iBook, CUBE!
by E March 28, 2004
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the status of music files when digitally copied from a CD or other medium.
Joe ripped his CDs as mp3s.


These mp3s are ripped music tracks.
by E September 16, 2003
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The cute girl at school who you think likes you but you don't know for sure and then when you try to find the truth you start to like her back.
Kid: Bro Mayleigh likes you
You: Are you sure?
by E December 18, 2018
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A person who is acting irrationally
Man your ho is flippin.
by E December 30, 2003
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by E December 17, 2018
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