Said when requesting someone, like kong, to piss the hell off from the current conversation.
Hey Kongo ring out you loser, we all hate you
by Tom May 04, 2004
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A ring out is when you are doing a girl doggystyle then you pull out and suddenly put foot to ass and kick the girl off of the bed.
I was doing some slut I didn't know doggystle. After I busted my nut I decided to go for the ring out.
by DC February 28, 2006
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Modern vernacular for having the infamous Xbox 360 Red Ring of Death.
"Sorry dude, I'd love to play Halo 3 with you, but I'm still ringed-out from that 12 hour Gears session."
by Eddie_the_Hated October 08, 2007
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When someone persists with an activity long after it's lost its merit or factor of amusement for others. You know the sort of people, they hang around long after a party has ended, use the same joke over and over again. They'll continue doing their thing no matter how tedious it becomes for those around them.
*Aidan just wanted to give Juan's skateboard a quick try, but he's been on it for hours now and refuses to get off*

Juan mumbles, "Damn, this bastard is really tearing the ring out of it"
by TADPOOL September 28, 2016
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A short, slightly less offensive way for a female to say she has to go pee.
Derived from the term,"drain the snake," which is another way men announce they have to pee.
"I'm running to the bathroom because I've got to go, "ring out the beaver!"
by Stephknee July 31, 2008
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To put the utmost amount of effort possible for a given task; to give your all. The term alludes to going further than safely possible in terms of effort. To lift a weight that is not safe to lift without causing physical damage to self. Normally used when trying to express the fact that an individual is putting in effort above and beyond that should be expected in norma\typical situations.

A parrallel can be drawn with a weight lifter; a weight lifter risks a hernia\prolapse when he\she lifts more weight than is safe to lift. The individual still puts the effort in although it may cause them harm.
I'm not going to 'pull my ring out' trying to hit the target since the last team didn't achieve their results and they still received a bonus.

If the last team couldn't be bothered then I'm definitely not going to 'pull my ring out'.

We're sat here 'pulling our ring's out' while they're sat reading
by atticboy July 07, 2010
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