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The lesbian act of gridding the vaginal region against a parteners vaginal region.
I walked in on your mom and sister tribbing
by DC February 10, 2005

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One who hails from Cuba or of close descent.
I'm from Cuba so that makes me Cuban.
by DC November 16, 2005

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Asere takes its name from the sacred Efik-language greeting of the Afro-Cuban Abakuá religion, meaning literally, "I salute you." Today, it is a common greeting among Cubans. Meaning friend, buddy, homie, dude, etc.
¿Que bola, asere? "How's it going, buddy?"
by DC March 17, 2006

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When your fucking a girl (usually doggy style) and your boy is in the closet jerking off then he runs out and busts a nut on her face.
Yo man this Bitch gave me the Kangaroo so I got her with a Jack in the Box.
by DC April 10, 2004

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big man in town, the greatest
that guy thinks he's the cock of the walk
by dc August 04, 2003

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either oral or manual stimulation of a partner's breast/nipple. can occur over or under shirt/bra and without shirts altogether.

first or second base can be achieved concurrently with dry humping. considered third base when oral or manual stimulation occurs to genitals.
"despite the fact he made me wet by running his thumbs across my nipples through my shirt, we still argued about whether he had officially gotten to second base the next day."
by dc December 04, 2003

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An object that a bored Asian girl likes to insert into her vagina.
Allie masturbates with her feet.
by DC January 02, 2005

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