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"Area 57'ing" an unsuspecting foe is very similar to pulling off a Ninja Shitblast. The only difference is that you execute the Ninja Shitblast with at least 4 other friends and then you top it off by dropping an M-80 in the bowl. When the unsuspecting foe comes home, the only logical explanation for the foul smelling travesty will be an Alien invasion.
Last year I Ninja Shitblasted my ex-girlfriend's toytie after I walked in on her and my dad slapping asses during my high school graduation party. Pops has always wanted to remodel his master bath so I thought I'd Area 57 it this year for Father's Day.
by DC June 16, 2004
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A piece of South Africa on the Potomac River.
Imagine having 2 Black Senators in the US Congress- there's only one reason why we don't.
by DC February 27, 2005
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octa-maroon colored mf with sick crossovers
Got schooled by the D-dawg
by DC September 26, 2003
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On Caesar's grave.

Used in the same manner as nephz
by DC April 19, 2005
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getting high with a cool dude who thinks he is a girl
i was getting high with an emile
by DC April 21, 2005
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A weblog: A Blogger containing: Links, Sex, Rants & Prozac. A mad man with the Skill of using lines to depict something. Usualy disturbing or sexually graphic images.
by DC July 17, 2003
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