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a band which have a qwerty first album but have a brilliant second album
by DC January 24, 2004
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Better than Reloaded,but everything is too repetative, once you've seen one big ball of matter explode you've seen them all. It's not the worst in the triology but it's still a disappointment.
If you gave a child a crayon, told him about the matrix I'm sure he'd have thought of something better than this shit, lets go watch LOTR.
by DC February 5, 2004
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The beer bus is the bus that mysteriously comes to a bar late in the evening while you're in the bathroom and drops off a busload of sexy girls and takes away all the ugly girls.
After 10 beers Dave staggered back from the bathroom and declared that every girl in the bar was a fox. The beer bus had arrived!
by DC July 8, 2004
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Getting savagely drunk.
I proceeded to get advised as soon as we entered the bar.
by DC March 15, 2005
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a true raider hater is a true football lover and a person who recognizes the fact that just because a team is silver and black doesnt make a person a gangsta or tough.... GO BOLTS
by DC September 1, 2003
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Short for "late, bate," which is short for "later, 'bater," which is of course for "see you later, you prolific masturbater."
by DC June 11, 2003
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To eat something or to literally contain food
"Yo dude can I box on this leftover chicken?"
by DC October 22, 2003
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