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A sock that either has been used to clean up after masturbation or has been used as a faux vagina and has been ejaculated into.
After jacking off ten times last night, I really need to wash the old Happy Fun Scok
by DC August 6, 2003
Suburban white kids who pretends he grew up in the ghetto and trys to act hard and thugish but usually gets picked on or beat up or both.
Wigger: Wassup homie? How you be?
Black Guy: Shut up moron.
Wigger: Why you be hatin nigga?
Black Guy: Excuse me!
by DC January 13, 2005
A man who acts too gay to actually be gay.(There is gay, and there is Hollywood gay). He pretends to be gay so he can touch attractive women without them getting angry. Usually too ugly to get women by conventional means, and very affectionate around women.
by DC December 7, 2003
a true raider hater is a true football lover and a person who recognizes the fact that just because a team is silver and black doesnt make a person a gangsta or tough.... GO BOLTS
by DC September 1, 2003
Short for "late, bate," which is short for "later, 'bater," which is of course for "see you later, you prolific masturbater."
by DC June 11, 2003
(noun) an iced out paradise where homies n G's go when they get dropped; where they can hangout and smoke shit w/o gettin into fuqed wit the pOlice
Lord, remember this face save me a place at Thugz Mansion...
by DC December 16, 2003