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To stage an epic comeback from the depths of despair. To turnaround a situation of certain loss into a win.

Inspired by Cheik Kongo's knockout of the year against Pat Barry at UFC.
He was gone, then he pulled a Kongo!

He's been knocked down several times, but he'll rise again like the Kongo.
by inspiredworlds June 27, 2011
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Comes from the australian name william meaning a very fat mongolian boy who needs to loose weight
geeze what is that fat thing in front of me...oh it's just kongo
by Lee July 10, 2004
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1. a battle ship of the Imperial Japan Navy
2. an aegis destroyer of the Japan maritime self defense force
The name Kongo is a symbol of Japanese sea power.
by nanasi September 08, 2003
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Someone who is a fat lump of shit whith no life, and got dumped by amy after just 2 hours!!!
Fuck off kongo
by peter May 07, 2004
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