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(v) The act of completing tasks, required or not, which have as their object the improvement of the faculties, either mental or physical. Most commonly associated with academic work, which is both required and, in the case of any serious student, has as its object the improvement of critical thinking abilities and discipline.
After Jimmy rigorized at the gym, which gave him a momentary boost to his energy and focus, he decided to rigorize in the library.

Bill was going to rigorize at the Engineering School for the night, but when he passed his fraternity, he decided to abandon his plans for rigor and imbibe alcohol. He was subsequently unable to rigorize academically for the next week, and failed out of school as a result.

Despite the sexual entreatments of his super-hot girlfriend, Jack insisted that he had to rigorize for the MCAT's that night. He was summarily dumped, but scored a 43 a couple days later, thus affirming the value of rigorizing instead of succumbing to short-term biological needs with diminishing returns.

Self improvement increases in exact proportion to the amount one rigorizes.

"'Early to bed, and early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise'--gee whiz,now that's a maxim, if I've ever heard one", said Trent. "Not so fast, Trent, Franklin actually got it wrong", replied Farris. "It should be 'early to bed, and early to rise, provided he desires to rigorize, shall make a man healthy, wealthy, and wise'"
by Bill Manning. February 03, 2010
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