A piece of furniture in a home or ski lodge, or anywhere that can be heated.

They are mostly used during the winter or a time of extreme coldness.

They are also used if a home does not have a heater installed.

"Light the fireplace. It's cold in here."
by Aeropostale Rules December 4, 2007
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verb, a word used to describe a couple sharing a single sofa next to a fire place with 2 cups of hot coco with a lit fire place while interacting at the same time such as but not limited to : reading, talking, cuddling, etc
i wish i can fireplace someone right now
by BIoTeCH September 15, 2005
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(noun) The act of rubbing your hands near a woman's crotch as if you were to warm your hands in front of a fireplace. This act is best performed when the woman is unaware and others are there to witness, for it is more comedic in that fashion.
"I was fireplacing this chick and my hands were so warm, for a minute I imagined I was camping."

past tense (fireplaced):

"There was this girl sitting on a park bench on Capitol Hill and I totally fireplaced her."
by BorachMan September 12, 2011
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A bowl which you smoke marijuana from.
"Man, check out this new fireplace I got it's sure to fill your chimney with smoke."
by Altoecko July 11, 2008
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A fire started with pallet wood in a burn barrel thats been cut in half.

Ventilation holes in the sides made with a pickaxe are optional.

Invented due to the fact Detroit is Sarejevo compared to, well, Sarejevo.
1: You guys wanna fire up the detroit fireplace tonight? I got pallets!

2: Man, its cold! Who let the detroit fireplace burn out?
by reemusk November 16, 2010
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The practice of making a wall of tires and setting them ablaze serving dual purpose of an impassable wall that keeps oppressive governments out, and you warm. Made popular during the frigid Kiev, Ukraine Revolt.
Hey Дмитро, did you see the live stream of the revolt last night? Yeah, they were flinging tires into the Ukrainian Fireplace all night.
by WarMace January 23, 2014
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A space heater or any portable indoor heating device.
Ya'll I'm cold. Plug up that redneck fireplace, ya hear?
by Pete Warren December 15, 2007
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