To go beyond hard or hardcore. Something completely awesome or something extremely stiff.
That concert last night was hella rigor!

Have you heard that new song? It's so rigor!

Remember when we were playing basketball and you shot that 3 point shot backwards and made it all net? That was rigor!


I saw that fine girl today and I got rigor.

putting that new stuff in your hair made your spikes so rigor.
by TOoN September 27, 2014
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someone who has had so much plastic surgery on thier face they look like rigor mortis has set in. Stiff face
by SamanthaJay September 23, 2008
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1. To be anally raped.

2. To be metaphorically anally raped.
1. I was knocked unconscious and rigored last night in the freight elevator.

2. I got rigored today when Joe called in sick to work. Now not only do I have to open the store, but I also have to close the store on my day off!
by JRigor June 28, 2009
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That coveted erectile state whereby your cock stays rigid and hard, even after ejaculation, allowing you to give her the D all night log.
I shagged her till she passed out braaaahhh. I had the rigor dick last night. She can't walk today.
by Eaton Holgoode March 20, 2017
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The act of making love to a long lost love or spouse after they have died. Possibly in a scenic setting like in front of a fireplace or at a grave yard. This is not to be confused with necrophilia because it embodies the love that one may have once had for said corpse.
Walter: Where were you last night Howard?

Howard: I was just really depressed thinking about Emma's passing, i had to go down to the cemetary and have her one last time...

Walter: Sometimes rigor-coitus is the only way to relive the passion you once had, I'm sorry Howard, one day soon you'll be able to join her again...

Howard: Yea, i was thinking next tuesday possibly.
by The Crypt Creeps December 10, 2010
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Rigor Mortis happens about 3-6 hours after death. It starts in the head, and goes down to the feet. It begins to leave through the feet and exits through the head. This has nothing to do with blood. That is post mortem lividty. Rigor mortis occurs as a result of a chemical change in the muscles of the decedent, causing them to become very stiff and difficult to manipulate.

Also, this has nothing to do with erections that is called a "priapism".
Because this person has been dead for 13 hours, rigor mortis has set in, and I am having trouble moving them.
by DanniCupcake October 12, 2007
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n. the tightening of one's butthole when one is shocked or frightened

rigor anal. adj. to have experienced the tightening of one's butthole when shocked or frightened
"Dude, why'd you break so hard?"
"The light changed faster than I thought."
"Well, it gave me rigor anus."

"So I was watching The Exorcist last night and it gave me the worst rigor anus"

"Whenever she announces a pop-quiz, I go rigor anal"
by Ben Diamond November 18, 2007
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