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A very sexy man who an arab equivalent to the oldspice man.
Alice: "yeaa he is such a farris!"
by NewSpice September 02, 2010
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a strange and different name for a strange and different person. ginger. with ginger freckles.

obsesses over one direction and loves hollister, stands by her friends always and has such a fun personality. everybody that knows her loves her! just wanna eat her up
ferrari fox, thats farri!
by nhollas April 27, 2011
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:(v),(n) This is a slang word meaning to eat out a woman or to oraly pleasure her.
Ex:I Farrissed her until she was moaning at the top of her lungs last night!

Ex:Nothing arrouses her more than when I Farris her, stimulating her whole body!
by Mexigger August 07, 2009
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to make super conservative; to lame-ify the unlamable.
-Do you wanna go out and get some ass for free from your girlfriend?
-No, I have a 12 point check list I need to accomplish it. Sorry I have to farris guys.
by I live in Ohio June 21, 2006
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fat and hairy (lots of skin hair)
Me: have you seen steven? he is so farri
Friend: I know, he is rather unattractive as well.
by roundar March 06, 2015
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