a women that has a nice round butt.
That girl has some freight going on.

Look, she is pushing some freight.
by shaun farrell August 21, 2005
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to have sex while stoned off your ass!
dude I freight with that bitch last night, shit was AMAZING.
by pro ganja WOMEN November 13, 2008
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When you scream twice and it makes a noise similar to a train whistle
Miller: "Oh no Donnie's freighting again."
Donnie: "HNYGHHH"
by annoyingpeople December 4, 2019
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slang or poor english for "freight" a non-specific name for an undetermined commodity. Typically used when knowledge of proper transportation terminology is unknown.
"These freights will not drop until tomorrow"
by dispatchdude February 27, 2012
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(adj) A term used to express love/approval of something or someone. Similar to The Whip Nasty.
Detroit's Port Authority is The Freight!
by Dr. SlippyFIST July 23, 2006
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when something is big, or weighs more than it should, another bad definition, sorry
"my bikes feeling frieghted" or "that girls frieghted"
by cellardoor4130 May 10, 2005
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A pilot that flies an under-automated aircraft in dismal weather conditions and is never late and is a much better pilot than you are.
Did you just see that Freight Dog blast through that level 5 thunderstorm in a metro? Jesus Crimeny.
by Bigg Bill August 30, 2008
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