Irish Slang for agreement of statement or order
"Brian, please go to the store and pick up some apples" "Righty-O, anything else?"
by Brian Duffy February 7, 2007
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A really lame and dorky way to acknowledge someone. Used primarily in place of "ok", "sure", " of course" or "alright"
Pete: "Kyle, can you drive me over to pick up my car from the mechanic?"
Kyle: "Oh, righty roo!"
by KImCobain March 13, 2015
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a very conservative, repressed, judgmental, fundamentalist right-winger
I cannot stand to be around my Uncle Bubba. He is such an uptighty-righty. All he does when I'm around is quote Glen Beck, Rush Limbaugh, and the Bible.
by hmcdesq August 30, 2010
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A common Chicago area white trash scumbucket. A Chicago person who acts like hes from a ghetto, yet lives in the nice side of town.
Look, its a Righty Tee, woo-woo! Hes got on Stacy Adams and a hockey jersey.
by Lefty John February 25, 2010
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When you cum in your lady’s mouth and she slides it around in her mouth until it's nice and foamy. Once the foam is ready she’ll make a fist with her right hand and spit the cum between her thumb and index finger and slide her fist back over your cock. Thusly leaving some nice whipped cum on the head of your dong.
My girl gave me a righty cappuccino. It was niiiiiice.
by Trash cat March 1, 2018
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An unattractive girl who is off-putting enough to make a man choose his right hand over hitting on her even when he is drunk. In extreme cases, the girl may defined as a Shitfaced Righty
- "That 'girl' was all over you last night, you hook up"
- "No, she was a Drunken Righty, even after a half rack, I decided to rub one out instead"
by EBJJBE March 15, 2011
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A Righty-tightie is a right-handed guy with a tight asshole.
We went to the baths in Colorado Springs, and I fucked a Righty-tightie or four!
by eda-skip October 21, 2021
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