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The grown up version of a once super hot young man look. Worst case scenarios are brought about by excessive partying and drug and alcohol abuse.
Vince Neal was the bomb until he got man face.
by KImCobain January 05, 2018
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Someones who get drunk and stoned and engage in heavy philosophical conversations with nothing to back up their opinions other than their primal sincerity.
We are just pothead philosophers with no type of studious background whatsoever.
by KImCobain March 12, 2015
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A person, usually a drama queen woman, who loudly broadcasts her relationship woes on Public transportation via cell phone.
As II sat on the L I had to listen to an hysterical Public Transportation Loser scream at her baby daddy for the entire trip.
by KImCobain September 02, 2015
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In academia, the practice of cramming information into one's cranium (scarf) just long enough to regurgitate it onto an exam (barf) in order to score a passing grade for the course.
Jude passed Physics the good old fashioned way, through sheer scarf-n-barf.
by KImCobain March 02, 2015
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Overeating, drinking and being a total pig while staying at an all inclusive vacation resort
Bruh trally packed on the pounds while he was a resort porky..
by KImCobain June 06, 2016
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A really lame and dorky way to acknowledge someone. Used primarily in place of "ok", "sure", " of course" or "alright"
Pete: "Kyle, can you drive me over to pick up my car from the mechanic?"
Kyle: "Oh, righty roo!"
by KImCobain March 12, 2015
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