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An anorexic bulimic. A woman with no self esteem who ties her entire existence to having the appearance of a skeleton.
Ana has starved and purged herself into an anorlemic skeleton.
by KImCobain March 4, 2015
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Christmas Movie Addict - someone who has too much time on their hands and an unhealthy obsession with Christmas movies, usually Hallmark heartstrings, and watches them year round.
Kaitlin needs a hobby or a boyfriend because she's clearly gone CMA.
by KImCobain February 21, 2015
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A person who is too lazy to get into a full fledged university, and settles for community college instead. He or she defends the decision by saying such things as "I needed time to decide my major" or "I was going to apply to UConn but my application was lost." Usually this scary underachiever goes on to drop out or flunk out of the most basic intro courses and ends up spending at least 4 years dicking around and running up student loans without ever accomplishing anything or graduating.
John R is a community college legend who will forever be employed at Pizza Hut.
by KImCobain February 20, 2015
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A common practice - most frequently occurring in large INSURANCE companies - wherein corporate whores who are the most moronic imbeciles, inexperienced and completely UNQUALIFIED termites are hired into management based only on who they know and who they blow. They survive solely through their connections- and the hard work of subordinates who need to keep their jobs. These colossal losers make disastrous business decisions, pass off 99% of their responsibilities to others, know nothing about the job and collect huge salaries JUST for being somones old college roommate and full time suckup. A lot of them are male, with a stay at home wife who home schools their useless children.
That frickin idiot has a management job only through corporate incest.
by KImCobain August 10, 2017
An individual who may or may not be an inmate, serial killer or psychopath, who writes lame unsolicited 'comical' comments to posts written by people they don't know.
I was inundated by Facebook Philosophers recently so I switched my settings to private only.
by KImCobain June 11, 2016
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DoucheRkabob - Douchekabob 5.0 - the ultimate doosher : any variety of doucher with stacked to the rafter bad qualities such as being overly obnoxious, a loud talker, a sidler and with no sense of self awareness.
Jeremy: that doucheRkabob needs to stop trying to play and sing "Stairway to Heaven" on the display amps. He's not even close, and is disrupting the entire store.
Keiran: Yeah he sidled me by the Les Pauls and took up 45 minutes of my time claiming to be a member of some famous rock band.
by KImCobain April 10, 2018
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