driving in an automobile while having atleast a felony charge worth of illegal drugs and or unregistered firearms with you.

(sirens blaring)
dude #1: oh shit the cops.
dude #2: whats going on
dude #1: load this gat
dude #2: what the fuck, why?
dude #1: cuz i'm ridin dirty
dude #2: oh....alright(loads gun and aims at the police cruiser)
by jaytee October 22, 2005
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1.driving with illegal substances, firearms
2. name of a UGK (underground kings) album- ugk is pimp c and bun-b from houston,tx "south texas motherfucker thats where i stay"
"leave that killa at home i cant be ridin dirty"
by duh713 February 27, 2006
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It is the act of driving with a illegal weapon or drugs. First coined by Houston Rap group U.G.K.(Bun B and Pimp C)
In a song "ridin dirty"
"Somebody told the laws that Bun was the one ridin dirty."
by 713playaz February 20, 2006
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To drive in a vehicle with either illegal possesion of firearms or drugs or both
Police: Excuse me but you nigga's wouldn't happen to be ridin dirty?
Driver: Yeah we ridin dirty
Police: Well....I caught ya
by Miasmablk July 1, 2006
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riding in a vehicle with shit stained underwear
White Man 1 Dude i just sharted!
White Man 2 I guess you'll be ridin dirty!
by Jake Day August 21, 2006
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pooing your pants while ridin in your car
I was ridin dirty in ma crib yo
by jimmy jumper May 29, 2007
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When a fool be ridin, and he poop his pants. He do not want to be gettin' caught "ridin dirty"
Lashawn ate so much mexican food for lunch, that later that day he was ridin dirty.
by Kip_the_cage_figher May 26, 2006
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