When your girl takes a stank shit without you knowing and then rides you during sexual intercourse.
1. Ooh baby that feel good...damn what's that smell? You ridin dirty? Nasty bitch!

2. Man I was getting with Tiffany the other night and it was all good until she got on top and I smelled somethin evil. That bitch was ridin dirty!
by JSnoop January 06, 2011
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When you take a shit and there isn`t enough / any toilet paper (or acceptable substitute) so you have to resort to pulling up your pants and going about your day unwiped.
- Damn man, you stink!
- Yeah Bro, there wasn't enough toilet paper in the John. I've been ridin dirty all day.
by Demonic Shuugs September 01, 2009
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riding in a vehicle with shit stained underwear
White Man 1 Dude i just sharted!
White Man 2 I guess you'll be ridin dirty!
by Jake Day August 21, 2006
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This is when a girl has dirty panties on while wearing a skirt. She could be wearing a short or long skirt, it could be revealing as well, the key is the state of the underwear that she would be wearing.
“Man, I saw up that girl’s skirt and it was awesome till I realized that she was ridin dirty.”
by DragoTPE May 12, 2011
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Ridin A Tractor or other sort of farming equipment/ horse & Buggy on a Dirt Road.
by SHAKEANBAKE August 09, 2006
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Being sexually active whilst carrying an std/sti
Guy1: Check out that fine piece of ass, im gonna get me a piece o that shit. mmm mmm.
Guy2: What? You mean that pipe hittin hooker lookin bitch? She ridin dirty fo sho homie.

JealousEx: Motherfucker, thinkin hes all fly and shit with that skinny ass ho. Motherfucker aint shit. Ought to tell the bitch that motherfuckers ridin dirty. Motherfucker.
by The o.g. Batman June 26, 2016
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