The Process of which an individual is cursed or possessed with a demonic entity.
by Bubba_The_Retard June 13, 2006
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Every entire object,item or thing you own and you become a slave for ,for the rest of your life.The more you have and greedier you become,the bigger slave you become for your possesions.Yet the less you own the less slavery you will endure.
Garbologists have lots of them
I am having a yard/garage sale as i have become a slave of my own shit and want less possesions.I don't have to pay for,store ,move or clean for them no longer.Now a new owner can pay me to slave for these possesions or i am throwing them in the garbage bin :)
by munyuck February 3, 2009
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Wholly consumed by evil and in its grip.
Guys hate breakups because they are possessive. Girls don't care because they're possesed.
by HAFSNT August 30, 2017
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To enter a state of ultimate drunkenness in which 'the Devil' steals your soul for a few hours.
Last night, I was soooo possesed. She got me!
by TheWorstIHaveEverBeen March 3, 2018
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Took possesion - A less geeky way of saying, "Owned, or Pwned" coined on the forums.
MG just took possesion of Laker Dude!
by Montgomery Thug Branch July 20, 2004
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