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Normally a tall handsome boy , Very Handsome . Biggest Cutest Smile in the Whole entire world . He is normally smart , A Trouble maker in class . When he likes a girl he acts very shy, She will walk in the room and he will look until she looks at him . Then his eyes go down on his work . He loves to talk to the girl of his dreams in class . He doesn't know she likes him . But she does . She already fell hard . A Lashawn is the boy of every girls dreams .
*Sitting in class*

Girl ; Hey is that Lashawn ?
Girl 2 ; Yes . Omg . He is so cute .

Girl ; Hash tag dibs .

The boys smile is so cute . He must be a Lashawn
by Shortyyyyy72 April 12, 2014
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LaShawn is usually a ditzy girl with Island Blood in her. She cool, funny, and very cute. Anyone who meets her will instantly fall in love with her. Lots of guys like her but she doesnt realize it till later on. Some of her best friends are guys but they wont take it too far with her. Mostly they are Capricorns and are the sweetest girls ever but is very heavy handed.
1: Man what happened to you?
2: I just got LaShawned, not only is my arm numb but now i like her.
1: Dang, i'm sorry David.
2: Its ok bro.
by NekoToShanii March 07, 2012
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Handsome, sometimes Lies πŸ™„ has a lot of friends πŸ₯° Loves his Girlfriend β€οΈπŸ°πŸ’•Loves games and funny πŸ˜„
HEs vErY hAnDsOmE

Me: He’s a Lashawn and he’s mine
by Doo doo master 104 November 29, 2018
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