In the computer industry, the term "ridin' dirty" is used to describe a computer that's behaving erratically or running slowly due to excessive software and/or spyware on the system. Frequently, these systems must be rebooted or reinstalled.
It was taking my system like 10 minutes to boot up. Turns out it was ridin' dirty because when I removed some programs from the startup folder, it came up real quick.
by Manoj June 15, 2006
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The act of having gay sex with some dude nicknamed "Dirty".
I KNEW it. I KNEW Odworth was ridin' dirty!
by Jon Ace September 29, 2006
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When a fool be ridin, and he poop his pants. He do not want to be gettin' caught "ridin dirty"
Lashawn ate so much mexican food for lunch, that later that day he was ridin dirty.
by Kip_the_cage_figher May 26, 2006
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to have anal sex with someone
or to carry weapons or drugs in your car illegally.
"yo man i had a dream last night that me and sarah were ridin' dirty, if only i could get that prude bitch to try it"
by The one who knows all April 03, 2006
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