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Individual who is more concerned with the image of speed than they are about actual performance.
That riceboy spent $5000 dollars on his car, but can't outrun a yugo.
by netteach March 14, 2003
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1. individual who has no concept of what makes a car faster or handle better.
2. individual who keeps the vinyl graphics industry running in a bad economy
3. individual who does not know who makes the engine in their car.
4. individual who thinks "The Fast and The Furious" was the best movie ever.
1. Riceboy would put aircraft wings on the back of his Civic if he could, because the down force would make his car do 8 sec. quarter-mile passes.
2. Riceboy has more vinyl on it than a doublewide!
3. Riceboy's Integra is powered by HONDA not Acura!
4. (Do I need to explain? They even made a sequel!)
by corvettejon January 15, 2004
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Any person who thinks that he can get performance out of an economy car by de-tuning it, cutting the suspension coils, or adding a spoiler.
Nice car riceboy, ever drive something with torque?
by Psiberzerker March 14, 2004
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Someone more concerned with their car looking fast than it actually going fast. Also applies to computers.
He put his Pentium II in a brand new neon case with clear side panels, like that's going to make it any less ghetto. What a riceboy loser!
by Michael June 03, 2004
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Noun; Youthful Male, Typically Asian, Filipino, or Hispanic rarely Caucasian, often with spiked highlighted hair, sporting wraparound sunglasses, Driving racy little Japanese cars sometimes highly modified but almost always lowered with 'Rally Car-low rider' appearance, engaging in street racing and 'Drifting' A competition wherein the driver takes advantage of the excessive horsepower, lack of rear wheel traction, and the oversteering handling characteristics of his car, to complete a course for points whereby spinning the rear wheels and powersliding the car is the objective.
Riceboy; Rice as in 'Rice burner' Japanese car, 'Boy' as in the drivers of these cars.
A 'Rice Boy' refuels frequently refusing to risk running low.
by Carlos Soto September 19, 2005
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NOT limited to Asians! In the US, it's mostly white jocks or rednecks who overload their Japanese made (brand, these days) cars with racing\high performance accessories. A good example would be the late 90s Honda Civic with tail fin, racing stripes, neon lights, and 'racing' clutch.
Wow! It's a good thing ole rice boy put a fin on that gocart ...I thought he was about to get airborne! At least it appeared that way in my rear view!
by Misanthropic71 March 25, 2008
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