7 definitions by Irie

Blatantly lying while evidence is present to contradict what you're saying.
IIM: The infidels will die here, they're on their last legs!

*cameras show US and British troops rolling freely throughout the country*
by Irie April 10, 2003
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Heisman Winner,
Great Player,
Not a Champion,
World-class Murderer.

To be a horrible parent like OJ Simpson.
Like OJ, telling your daughter that "she makes you miserable" because its "her fault that her mom's dead."
by Irie April 10, 2003
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verb -- "non-commital-make-out (session)" -- intimate behaivor with no strings attached. see booty call
"i had a nocomo with mindy last nite"
by Irie September 16, 2003
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"an asian or any other race who modifies or "soupes up" their car (usually a japanese import) by any means to make it faster, louder, or better looking. Often times these modifications are extreme."

note: _tries_ to make it faster, louder, or better looking.

often (read as almost always) these extreme "mods" make it look ridiculous and don't improve performance
Any Asian import that is not stock.
(ie body kits, spoilers, "fart cannons", "graphics", and other stuff that weighs it down and makes it laughable)
by Irie April 10, 2003
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a joint, blunt filled wiht marjuana and tobbaco. May be confused with a regular marijuana filled blunt or joint, the truth is it has tobbaco mixed with it.
"bro we dont have anough weed for a full joint..."Well lets roll a spliff"
by Irie October 22, 2003
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