Genre of electronic music, and design aesthetic. Based on 80's electronic music, action movies, and cyberpunk fiction. Notable producers of outrun music include M.O.O.N and Miami Nights 1984.
The soundtrack to drive was so outrun
The neon rimmed wheels made the car look so outrun
by _liebs_ June 25, 2015
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A racing masterpiece by Sega's AM2 division. The brainchild of wordYu Suzuki/word, creator of other games like wordVirtua Fighter/word and wordSpace Harrier/word
Outrun is one of the best old school racing games of all time.
by AJ 187 October 28, 2003
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Outrun (1) verb.
1: to win a race.
2: To stay a course longer than others.
3: comparative: “A jet can outrun a car.”

Outrun (2) proper noun.
1: see definition above. An arcade game.
-Jessie was terrible at Outrun because he had short feet and couldn’t reach the pedals.

Outrun (3) verb clause
1: A code word for children planning to sneak out of their homes to meet.
-“Wanna play outrun?” asked Jessie into the phone.
2: Stealing cars. Sneaking out to steal cars.
Etymology: US, 1980s, from the videogame “Outrun”.
-Jessie was not very good at outrun because he forgot to check the gas tanks, his hands got split by the slimjim, and he never wore his glasses.
My wife got a ticket from a cop in a bright station wagon. Her hope was that the officer would give up but she could not outrun the flashing lights or the radio response.
by Nco November 25, 2003
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Along with Cyberpunk, Vaporwave and lo-fi music, one of the only good aesthetics. Can also mean an old game made by Sega.
Person 1: What's your favorite aesthetic?
Person 2: Outrun, for sure. There's just so much good outrun music from people like Carpenter Brut and Power Glove.
by RBLXStealer August 6, 2019
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could outrun flash is a metaphor meaning super fast.
If something could outrun flash in a race it means that they are super fast.
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