1. A person who partakes in illegal street racing.

2. A car that has been modified for illegal street racing (not the same as a ricer).
1. Ryan is a street racer.

2. Check out that silver street racer!
by GameboyRMH December 12, 2004
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Any person that illegaly races on the street(most likely with a rice burner and gets owned by the muscles) and tends to pile up the huge traffic tickets followed by high insurance.
The street racer ended his night of racing early with the arival of the cop and the huge traffic fine.
by Pool'Eh March 11, 2004
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Young Person (17-30+) that's takes street racing very passionately. usually grew up playing with toy cars and had their first job with the sole purpose of buying a fast car.
they spend a great deal of time and money working on their cars, investing in all sorts of preformance mods and body work for their cars. they adore movies such as the fast and the furious series and take great pride in their lifestyle and cars.

they live for the night, where most of the illegal streetracing takes place. they are wide awake at midnight and can go on racing till sunrise. they can be from a great diversity of ethnicities and lifestyles. but they mostly are night people who love extreme thrills and party.

they dress in a very young style. wearing shirts with racing brands such as sparco,momo,streetglow etc.
"hey, look that guy is a Street Racer , he drives a tuned up toyota supra, wears sparco shirts and is always out at night"
by phethesk8 August 22, 2008
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A'right steve, i watched da fast n da furous las nite like an i so wanna be a street racer like dem guys are dat wud be wikid in me vauxhall nova
by TheChavHater July 17, 2010
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