Retardation Is downloading an app called Musically AKA Tik-Tok and doing autistic dance moves that people think are cool, but in all reality you're being made fun of.
I developed retardation when i started using Musically/Tik-Tok.
by Suicide on TikTok November 08, 2018
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A case of retard that is highly contagious and transferred through noticed stupidity frequently. It can also be used to describe situations that are stupid in a variety of ways
Get away from me! Your retardation might turn me into a spesh
by FinnCoollins April 13, 2019
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the action of delaying or slowing the progress or development of something
Alex swears he has a disease called retardation, however I disagree.
by musiclover_.64 February 12, 2018
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