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A philosophy or the actual physical act that demonstrates one's stupidity and statements thereof. onesided,tithead,
The asshole of a boss was preaching his regular spiel of bullshit which was nothing more than retardism.
by spikeB028 November 10, 2006
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a name of a child you hate, or a religion for stupid people such as myself
ยจoh them? they are just my retardism.ยจ

ยจI believe the religion of retardism.ยจ
by Ca2en September 15, 2017
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retardism (v.) one who acts retarded all the time.
that person has retardism.

that person has been diagnosed with retardism.
by funnies23 January 05, 2011
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when people (mostly in schools) exclude others who act retarded and may have a sense of superiority over this group.
u see those guys over there? They believe in retardism. they think they're so much better than us... BUT THEY'RE NOT!!!
by Retardism November 04, 2009
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