1) another person putting his wants before his needs stemming from a lack of common sense. 2) situation involving one party being screwed for another's gain, commonly financial.

Man 1: Yesterday, my cousin's electricity was shut off since he wasn't paying the bill. This morning he went into debt to buy a $3000 HD television.

Man 2: Retardation... he seems to enjoy being a worthless bum.


Man 1: I have completed every single upper-level course required for my Multimedia Technologies degree and the college says I can't graduate until I take Intro to Windows.

Man 2: Retardation, dude. They just want your money.
by AdamG March 10, 2008
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Ben anzarut
retardation is ben anzarut
by boba1818 April 05, 2018
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It is a thing that is very retarded and makes you lose brain cells just thinking about it.
This 3rd wave feminism isn't even feminism at this point. It's just retardation
by Ben Shapiro 69 June 13, 2019
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When someone is being retarded.
My friend was being so retardation yesterday that I has to pretend like I didnt know him .
by 2+3=5 July 06, 2019
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