Someone or something that is so goddamn stupid that anything that comes out of their mouth drains your brain cells.
Someone having to look up retardation on the Urban Dictionary is absolute retardation.
by atomic07 May 08, 2019
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The act of being so fucking stupid that you literally make other people lose brain cells.
You are the absolute definition of Retardation.
by TayTayGamerson June 26, 2018
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Another synonym that means backward, or reverting to a more primitive state.
retardation as in>We could always for back on the more retarded method of marking our trail with pickaxes if we ran out of paper to throw down.
by kax1 October 19, 2013
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A dangerous, sometimes fatal disease that makes you retarded.
Rodolfo suffers from the deadly disease known as retardation!
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by whyisthisapassword April 19, 2018
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