1. to be
2. to exist
3. the state of being or existing
That thing still dey?
Send me text I no fit hear you, I dey for club.
You still dey into shipping business?
by drKenn81 December 1, 2007
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Mum: Where is Helen?
Little Lani says: Dey gone to church!
by skiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii September 19, 2008
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"dey" means homeboy, dawg, friend....a way of saying hello
Ricky: "What's up dey?"
Ismael" "notta lotta how about you?"
by Stephee September 12, 2005
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The ebonics term for "they". Descends from the West African accents adjustment to English speech that first occured in the 16/1700s.
O I think dey like me
O I think dey like me
O I think dey like me
I think, I think dey like me
by Steagles June 6, 2006
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Dei is one of the single greatest people you could ever meet. She may seem cold at first, but warms up once you get to know her. When a Dei warms up to you, it'll be then that you know she'll be by your side forever. Deis will stick by you through thick and thin and will be one of your best friends you could ever get. They also make wonderful partners. If by chance you begin to develop feelings for a Dei, let her know quickly because many guys will want her. Most Deis can be found in Europe. Most Deis are spotted around Spain. Many Deis may be insecure, so treat her with some god damn respect. Dei's are shockingly beautiful and stunning inside and out. They've got a big heart and can be so adorable at times. All Deis are incredibly smart, so don't ever try to hide anything from them. Most Dei's can be really tall, so if you're short, try not to get stood on. To conclude, Deis are the most amazing human beings to ever exist. Treat them well.
Person A: Whoa.. Who's that?
Person B: I think it's... A Dei!
Person A: Woah! She's so cool! I wish I could be her friend.
by ThatsAdorable July 12, 2017
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Just a different way of saying "they". Means exactly the same thing as "they"
by Sushi March 6, 2005
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An idiot, moron, dumb dumb, etc... One who lacks the ability to process simple thoughts.

An individual that lacks the proper decision making skills to perform basic tasks such as clothing themselves and/or maintaining general hygiene.
by michael cook's mother April 5, 2010
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