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What you do when you find out later in life doctors have destroyed your penis by circumcising you after birth. It is simply undoing what the doctor did (uncircumcising). There are 2 ways to restore foreskin: The Surgical or Non-Surgical (best option) method. Research it if you wish.

Circumcision is flawed and doctors are ignorant about it. It may mess up the Mother/Father to son bond. During circumcision, doctors sever a nerve off, causing your future sex experience to not be as good. It has NOT been proven that circumcision prevents STD's, urinary track infection, or any other myths doctors have put out there. Oh, and there are many, many myths out there. Having foreskin is not-not clean. All you do is pull back your foreskin in the shower and clean it. Are Americans too lazy to do this?

I certainly wouldn't do that to my son when he's born. Its his decision if he wants it done or not, not the parents', doctor's or nurse’s. Is circumcising your child really necessary? Nah people.
Foreskin restoration is the way to go if you are unhappy about being sexually mutilated.
by Eugene Wilkinson July 4, 2006
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