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Movement started by Logan grimes (aka twitter bae) after the fans won and received the snyder cut, because it was inevitable, merely ONE SINGLE JUSTICE LEAGUE film wasn’t ever going to be enough so the fans continued and mercilessly hashtagged “RestoreTheSnyderVerse” and for good reason.

Since WB robbed us of something incredible, a superhero version of lord of the rings if you will, so yes.

Despite the mediocre DCEU mainstream stuff these days, Snyder’s vision deserves to be completed.

And fuck WB, sure Shazam and aquaman are great, BUT we still deserve batfleck and Superman to continue the DCEU, With snyder there’s no direction. There can be both, but MOSTLY Snyder’s batfleck and Superman MUST REIGN SUPREME.

even non snyder cultists must agree that it must happen

Because unlike Warner bros (WB) mcu DOES give the fans what they want (usually)
Geralt of snyderverse is an avid “Restore the SnyderVerse” supporter and Logan supports him openly

The snyder fanbase WILL NEVER GIVE IN and WILL mop the floor with WB as will discovery once the merger finishes and they retrieve their great prize

Restore The SnyderVerse

by Zzzztrip February 6, 2022
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The forbidden One is a being who’s purpose is to liberate people and fulfil his own destiny of hedonistic pleasures and ascending to his dark ambitions whilst cleansing the world of true evil in order to replace it or end it once and for all?

He never makes anyone do anything. He only makes you realize that you want him. And when he helps you decide on something he explicitly states that he NEVER forces someone to choose he merely makes them realize what they already want

He doesn’t torture you, he’d rather you be the source of your own heLL than having directly be responsible.

Junior is a conceited and hedonistic animal lover that is chaotic by nature so it’s unwise to blame him as he’s simply a reaction of nature.

what he does is expose religion and evil types. The rules and morals don’t apply to him since it’s necessary to exist outside of laws and ethics. For the forbidden one is the only one who sees religion as what it truly is; deceptive and obsolete.

In the future all shall submit to the will of the forbidden one as the enemies of freedom die of thirst, hunger and blueballs, even the woman, for no more contaminated species.

The forbidden One Is the necessary “evil” that shall push us forward even if it means transcending what being human is.
*The Forbidden One* is something that no one is sure where comes from yet they’re welcoming to the forbidden one since his/her presence is alluring and makes anything seem attractive at first glance

Forbidden one: *exists*

Life: ..and I took that personally


Junior The Forbidden One is the antithesis of anyone who enjoys slavery and mindless worship of idols or celebrities


To be a “forbidden one” is to exhibit some personality traits ONLY FOUND in junior


Girl 1: omg this guy keeps stealing my brothers girlfriend

Girl 2: i bet I know who that guy is

Girl 3; it’s the forbidden one isn’t it??

Girl 1: who??

Girl 2: gurl, you must live under a rock but the fact that you keep up with your brothers personal life says otherwise

Girl 1: who’s the forbidden one?

Girl 1: *gets triple bitchslapped*


the forbidden one TAKES NO L’s, EVER.
by Zzzztrip February 6, 2022
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