Creat (n.) The thing you must be full of for you to be creative. It may seem intuitive that you would be full of creativity, or just be creative, but for people who aren't creative, it is neccessary to provide a tangible, tactile, quantifiable thing that makes you creative, and that thing is creat.
Damn son! I never would have come up with such a cool project. You must be full of CREAT!

or the more popular: " RE: I think "Re: Re: Hello" would just be a lack of creat"
by Jessie (Team Rocket) May 09, 2006
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The process of making, dreaming up, inventing, evolving from one's own thought(s) or imagination(s), causing some thing(s) or some event(s) to come into being with or without imaginary efforts.
I am creating my day and my life; and it will be wonderful.
by Lileelicious August 13, 2008
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The act or process of being creative grateful.
They are so createful in their creative process, giving more and grateful being creatives.
by Trailer Park Bob July 14, 2019
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Often used in conjunction ith the term "Plumbers Crack" or "Grand Peeping Canyon". It refers to the degree of inter-buttock definition visible above the trouser line of an individual.
"Man, do you see the amount of creats on that guy over there... thats one hell of a Plumbers Crack."
"No bro, that's more of a Grand Peeping Canyon"

Hey dude, you have some creats showing there, care to pull your pants up?
by Blah_Blah_Blah_Blink_Blah December 18, 2013
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Sneaky way to say cheat in a committed relationship.

To leave ones options open (to cheat)
I didn't mean to hurt you- I just needed to create optionality in our relationship.
by babimia September 11, 2020
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