The most awesome of all vehicles. The VW Bus is spacious, comfortable, versatile, beautiful, and fuel-efficient. It is perfect for both long and short-term road trips, and makes crossing the country a pleasure. Its large capacity allows friends, bandmates, and fellow hippies to come along for the ride.
The VW Bus is also completely unsafe due to the nonexistant crumple zone in front of the dashboard (this means that there is a sheet of metal the width of a tuna can protecting your legs in event of a crash.) This lends an air of excitement and risk to every road trip.
See also kick ass, beauty, marijuana, touring and band.
"Ah, man, did you see her new car? I heard she drove to CA to get it."
"Yeah, it's a fuckin' beauty!"
"A '77 VW bus! Holy fizznats!"
by annie July 23, 2004
Lifestyle manufactured by the Volkswagon company often mistaken for a vehicle.
A VW bus isn't a car, it's a lifestyle.
by Megan Redhead November 11, 2002
a multi utilitarian platform for all types of work and play. 'simple, affordable, dependable' as the ad said.
"I drive a VW bus"
by David Mayes July 2, 2004
An example of 1904s technology, with its simplicity, offered the owner economy and reliability along with the realization that his transportation differed greatly in style than other vehicles on the road.
"All over the world the name Volkswagen has come to mean robustness, reliability and economy to private owners and businessmen of all kinds." --VW Transporter magazine
by Rachel Hollis July 31, 2004
"Man, your car is as slow as a VW Bus!"
by DurocShark July 2, 2004