A dumb, useless system used in India for almost all Govt Jobs, Seats in Govt College etc. Reserves seats for People who were historically low castes.
Similar to quotas in the USA, however its for f**king 49.5% seats. Seats are divided as:

SC: People who did cleaning of sewers. Some too rich, use this to get high posts in govt jobs and remain rich through it. Get 15% reserved seats. A billionaire can get reservation.

ST: Many tribal people. System exploited by rich and not helping the poor. Get 7.5% of reserved seats. Income don't matter.

OBC: Socially backward classes in history. Have a income limit to avail benefits, same problems of misuse exist. Get 27% reserved seats.

General Poor: A newly implemented quota for poor, parental income less than Rupees 800,000(which is big amount in India.).

The more f**king bad thing is that Reserved category candidate is first considered for seat allotment in General seats(on basis of merit) and if not selected, he/she can get the reserved seat.

So basically if you are a general category candidate, you are completely screwed.

Reservations for Physically Disabled also exist but they are very less. Reservations for Girls also exist in some places but don't create any problems for General Category candidates.

Unfortunately, no political party supports removing or reducing it as it is a vote bank for them. They do violent protests if they fear reservation removal. They have partial Autocracy over Govt Jobs, Govt Colleges.
This reservations system is bullshit, I got 80% marks while that rich asshole with an iPhone and a BMW got 45% marks and got admission in that college while I didn't.
by Ascrewedgeneralcandidate February 20, 2019
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1. To take the last of something when you don't really want it, usually just to piss someone off.

2. To open something just to get the first ot it, for the same reason as above.
1. guy #1: "Dude, why did you take that slice of pizza, when you didn't finish the one you have?"
guy #2: "You know.....reservations."

2. babe #1: "Did you see how she took the new pack of gum, when the older-style packaged ones taste better?"
babe #2: "Yeah I know..she takes reservations like at the Hotel Marriot just a little too far. She's queer."
by chrikazame March 22, 2006
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Contrary to the other definition, reserved is a characteristic of a person whom socializes sparingly.

It is shown not out of inability to converse or work with others, but instead permits them to be self-aware of whom, what, when, where, why and how they talk to people.

A reserved person may speak less in groups because they prefer to listen to what is being said, and who is saying it.

When they have formulated a contribution to a discussion, it's generally well thought out.

Reserved people garner the respect of their peers and do not seek to offend intentionally.

As opposed to an anti-social or asocial person, reserved people DO know how to talk to their peers and delight in interaction, although very brief.

This is not to be conflated with "socially awkward" or "socially retarded", or even "shy"; all of which stem from social anxiety, but hold some form of connection to being reserved.
A vice-chair or CEO of a Fortune 500 company may be reserved, especially when speaking to the media or to international clients.
by bredsheeran81 December 12, 2017
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When two people are not dating but are going to date in the future. It's that middle stage between friends and boyfriend and girlfriend (or two same gender couples).
Rob: "Hey are you you and Jenna dating?"

Marcus: "No we're reserved, she'll be my girlfriend soon."

This term can be also related to being engaged to someone except rather it being between dating to marriage it's between friends and dating.
by Nicholas Bartholomew January 5, 2018
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A relationship that is "on reserve" is one in which there is mutual love or attraction, but one or both parties is not ready for a relationship for one reason or another. They will then be "on reserve" until both members are ready for a relationship.

Relationships on reserve often, but not always, are of the friends with benefits or friends with minor benefits category. In this case, such a relationship may be called "friends with (minor) benefits on reserve".
Bob: Is Sally your girlfriend?

Jack: Not really. She just got out of a bad relationship and isn't ready for another one yet.

Bob: Do you guys have feelings for each other, though?

Jack: Yeah; we're on reserve for now.
by NowOnReserve December 30, 2011
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Someone who isn't very social and prefers not to be talked to.
That guy over there is so reserved
by LoserHere June 27, 2011
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Dirty cigarettes that come from the native reserves usually very cheap from $1.50-$3.00 a pack or can even come in large zip-lock bags compared to around $10.00 a pack in Canada. Easily identifiable because of their usually non-branded appearance with either a gold band, blue band, or simply unmarked filter. Some of the lower-end types contain twigs, seeds, rat shit, or fiber glass depending on the price of the pack/bag.
Eug: man this smoke isn't lighting
me: you sure you're not lighting the filter
Eug: ya
me: thats weird
Eug: oh shit!(pulls out large twig from the end of the smoke)
me: oh man no wonder its a reserve
Eug: hey atleast they're cheap
by shottybotty January 16, 2009
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