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A dumb, useless system used in India for almost all Govt Jobs, Seats in Govt College etc. Reserves seats for People who were historically low castes.
Similar to quotas in the USA, however its for f**king 49.5% seats. Seats are divided as:

SC: People who did cleaning of sewers. Some too rich, use this to get high posts in govt jobs and remain rich through it. Get 15% reserved seats. A billionaire can get reservation.

ST: Many tribal people. System exploited by rich and not helping the poor. Get 7.5% of reserved seats. Income don't matter.

OBC: Socially backward classes in history. Have a income limit to avail benefits, same problems of misuse exist. Get 27% reserved seats.

General Poor: A newly implemented quota for poor, parental income less than Rupees 800,000(which is big amount in India.).

The more f**king bad thing is that Reserved category candidate is first considered for seat allotment in General seats(on basis of merit) and if not selected, he/she can get the reserved seat.

So basically if you are a general category candidate, you are completely screwed.

Reservations for Physically Disabled also exist but they are very less. Reservations for Girls also exist in some places but don't create any problems for General Category candidates.

Unfortunately, no political party supports removing or reducing it as it is a vote bank for them. They do violent protests if they fear reservation removal. They have partial Autocracy over Govt Jobs, Govt Colleges.
This reservations system is bullshit, I got 80% marks while that rich asshole with an iPhone and a BMW got 45% marks and got admission in that college while I didn't.
by Ascrewedgeneralcandidate February 20, 2019

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