A dream in which sexual adventures are replaced with college acceptances, and you have the pleasures of dreaming that you have, in fact, been accepted into college. These are just as disappointing to wake up from as sexual dreams.
"I had a nocturnal admission last night."
"Aw, man, again?"
"This time it was Dartmouth...I cried when I woke up."
by danjdber January 17, 2010
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Stating something in a conversation that reveals your geeky or embarrassing side.
The date was going fine until my geek admission that I loved playing WoW.
by lizzzzzzzzzzzzzzz April 2, 2007
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Having a response of laughter caused by personal identification of a situation.

"You laugh because it's true"
When Jake overheard a girl say, "my boyfriend finally apologized but i'm starting to think guys only say sorry to shut their girlfriends up," he chuckled to himself- a laugh of admission because he does it too.
by Yassbetch June 27, 2017
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When u have poo/mud on your shoe and u stamp on someones back during intercourse or in casual circumstamces
Boi 1 : why would you give that girl an admission stamp
Boi 2 : beacause she was a crutters ho-bag. And i wanted to wipe my feet!
by zelllerd June 27, 2009
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A term used to describe a party or activity where guests are encouraged to arrive under the influence of LSD. A tab of LSD will often cost around ten dollars, hence the name.

When it is a requirement, security will sometimes check guests' tongues before allowing them in and charge a cover if they do not see a tab.
Guest: "Yo, man, whats the details for Saturday?"

Host: "BYOB, girls get free drinks, BP, no cover, ten dollar admission, starts at 8"
by davidblue November 11, 2013
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Meaning: Arrival and Dismissal (time)

This word is typically used in documents that contain a particular time restraint(s).
Teacher: did you send out the admissal letters for the class field trip?
by angieg517 December 25, 2020
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