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Contrary to the other definition, reserved is a characteristic of a person whom socializes sparingly.

It is shown not out of inability to converse or work with others, but instead permits them to be self-aware of whom, what, when, where, why and how they talk to people.

A reserved person may speak less in groups because they prefer to listen to what is being said, and who is saying it.

When they have formulated a contribution to a discussion, it's generally well thought out.

Reserved people garner the respect of their peers and do not seek to offend intentionally.

As opposed to an anti-social or asocial person, reserved people DO know how to talk to their peers and delight in interaction, although very brief.

This is not to be conflated with "socially awkward" or "socially retarded", or even "shy"; all of which stem from social anxiety, but hold some form of connection to being reserved.
A vice-chair or CEO of a Fortune 500 company may be reserved, especially when speaking to the media or to international clients.
by bredsheeran81 December 11, 2017

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An annual EDM festival held in the West end of Toronto at Downsview Park.

Hypebeasts, ravers, thots and fuckboys alike flock by the thousands to this 2-day drug-infested suffering of the ears, mind and soul.

Tickets are always expensive, but it’s worth it to see the inner thot in the girls attending come out.

If you have $250 you’re willing to part with to see human degeneracy at its core, come to Veld!
Me and the bros went to Veld last year, and it was fuckin lit! Some random brunette from Oakville did molly off the ground and she let us battry her in a porta potty. Oh ya, the music was okay I guess
by bredsheeran81 July 17, 2019

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A game involving fellatio with more than two men and at least one Caucasian woman.

Both men stimulate the woman until reaching climax.

Then, each men take turns ejaculating into the woman's mouth.

After each load the woman must clearly recite the phrase "chubby snowbunny" without choking, spilling or vomiting.

A winner is declared for whomever can shoot the most loads without fainting; tie-breakers are judged on how long it takes her to swallow.

A loss is counted if she does vomit from whomever shot the last load to induce it.
Candice lost her inheritance over Strip Go Fish to Chad and Trevor, but then opted to play Chubby Snowbunny with them to get it all back.
by bredsheeran81 August 06, 2017

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