2 definitions by shottybotty

when you get called out on your shitty status post, or for posting a lie on facebook.
Facebook Status: I love my boyfriend so much!

Comment: bitch, I saw you cheating on him last Tuesday you've just been face-BOOKED.
by shottybotty April 6, 2013
Dirty cigarettes that come from the native reserves usually very cheap from $1.50-$3.00 a pack or can even come in large zip-lock bags compared to around $10.00 a pack in Canada. Easily identifiable because of their usually non-branded appearance with either a gold band, blue band, or simply unmarked filter. Some of the lower-end types contain twigs, seeds, rat shit, or fiber glass depending on the price of the pack/bag.
Eug: man this smoke isn't lighting
me: you sure you're not lighting the filter
Eug: ya
me: thats weird
Eug: oh shit!(pulls out large twig from the end of the smoke)
me: oh man no wonder its a reserve
Eug: hey atleast they're cheap
by shottybotty January 16, 2009