These are two individuals, usually a male and a female, who occasionally engage in noncoital sexual behavior (most often masturbation but possibly other forms) without being lovers or having any long-term commitment. Usually this is done on an infrequent basis if one or the other is in need. Think of this as one possible and occasional outcome of a strong friendship between a man and a woman. I hope this definition does not offend.
While Tom and Jennifer's relationship was usually Platonic, sometimes theirs devolved into that of 'friends with minor benefits.'
by eViL pOp TaRt April 11, 2006
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"Friends With Minor Benefits" denotes a relationship in which two friends participate in non-coital activities usually designated for more intimate relationships without the attached emotional bond.

These activities can range anywhere from simple making out all the way to mutual masturbation and/or oral sex, but does not include actual coitus (that would be considered "friends with benefits").
Guy: I walked in on Bob and Mary in a heated makeout session earlier.

Girl: I didn't know Bob and Mary were going out?

Guy: They're not. They're just friends with minor benefits.
by Soon2BMe December 28, 2011
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