167 definitions by Lisa

person 1: 'Here's the book you asked for..'
you: 'Chozzle.'
by Lisa March 30, 2005
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when u take crystal aka tweak and you cant stop talking walking around or you cant sleep.
" tweaker's are always amped
by Lisa April 9, 2004
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Great fucken' city on the east coast. Pricey as hell(that comparison makes no sense I know), but well worth it. Home to many great bands, shows, events and anything you can think of. Also has some of the highest quality men. Speciifically in Greenwich and East Village.
New York City is a cool as town, motherfucker...now back the hell off.
by Lisa October 25, 2003
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Fat stupid hat that ruled the Hawaiian islands way back when
He had kankles too
King kankles
honk if you think my kankles are sexy
by Lisa January 1, 2005
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Extremely cool person who rules the office world.

Please see: farquad / noonie.
Hey crankbait, good job at the office today!
by Lisa February 28, 2005
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Weed is somethin u smoke and its great!
weed is a plant thats grows from the ground...if got didnt like it it wouldnt be found..so all you preps who never got high...shut the hell up and give it a try
by Lisa March 23, 2005
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Lamer than lame, an ultimate low. Unworthy of life
Susie's hoop earrings and crimped hair made her look like a lame-o-sexual 80's reject.
by Lisa January 19, 2005
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