Federal Reserve is a private bank of the NWO/Bilderberg old fat cats.

The fat cat international bankers,

(1) buy top leaders around the world, then

(2) create private banks called the "Federal Reserve," "Central Bank of Xcountryโ€ฆ,โ€ "Bank of xxcountry"

(3) detach paper currency from the Gold standard;

(4) use the Treasury to print, horde, or release currency, to bubble or bust countries around the world. To gain power and mo resources.

George Soros is their most famous member.
The 2011 Wall Street Rioters are rioting at the wrong place. They should be in front of the Federal Reserve building. Fed is the Head, while Wall Street is only the hands.
by thisisacrazyyear October 02, 2011
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the federal reserve is to the great depression, current credit/liquidity crisis, sharply falling dollar, inequitable global landscape, and social political and economic instability as mother is to her child.
by lili estin March 21, 2008
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The federal reserve is an evil organization that thrives on death and misery. The ultimate goal of the federal reserve is world domination and population control. All the major wars were started with the help of the federal reserve by using fake actions or blatant inaction. Useful idiots and brainwashed followers have helped the federal reserve look legitimate, but it is really just a gang of super rich criminals that only care about themselves and no-one else. The federal reserve uses the basic belief systems of people to cause fear in the population to drive the people to do things they should not.
The Biggest threat to humanity is not Global Warming, the Biggest threat to 99% of humanity is the Federal Reserve. It's only a matter of time before most of the world population is murdered because of the federal reserve. Every thing I'v seen and read points to this future.
by *Dr Dave August 22, 2009
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What Madoff could have been if he could print his own currency
Person # 1: "Yo man that Madoff scam collapsed in a jiffy didn't it!"

Person # 2: "yeah dude...too bad he couldn't just print his own money like Ben Bernanke can at the Federal Reserve!!!! He would be home free!"
by random_God_24 June 29, 2009
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THe instution that allowed a stock market crash, that was expected to be another recession to turn into a depression. Bywhich should of added more money into the economy to stimulate spending, growth and eventually decrease unemployment. Failing to do this, the money supply in the banks fell short of expections, which caused a run on the banks. Which then further worsened the crisis.
The Federal Reserve controls interest rates to loans given out to banks, in order to control the money supply.
by ericandude July 10, 2008
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Institution that caused the great depression.

The Federal Reserve loaned out extra lines of credit to lower banks and those banks loaned out the extra credit to the people. In Capitalism there wouldn't be extra money given to banks to loan out. The banks would restrict credit and the business cycle would stablize itself.
When the economy turned bad starting in the mid 1920s people couldn't pay back all of their credit, banks lost money and failed, and the Great Depression started.
Thanks to socialist institutions like the Federal Reserve, we entered the Great Depression, only to be saved by the capitalistic industrialists of the WWII era
by Forbidden Donut July 07, 2005
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