badass motherfuka. most likely older than you, and great taste in music.
person 1: damn! who's that?
person 2: oh that's william.
person 1: he's 10/10 for sure.
person 2: ikr
by leafyispossiblyqueer December 21, 2016
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a wonderful man that would put you on top the world just by being there, doesnt just listen to you but hear your every word, makes you smile, laugh and cry, the one you will never want to let go of. you are always more important than anything else in his eyes. charming, loving and a definate keeper, the best little devil you will ever meet. YOU GOTTA MARRY THIS ONE!!
my william is the best man on earth.
by la_crystalh February 18, 2010
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name of the best meme
he will get you through any terrors that come into your lifes
by William Yardley March 16, 2016
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A guy who only loves one woman and nobody else if he's yours you are lucky and don't let him go he is so sexy and he will treat you as if you are the only girl in the world he won't cheat he is loyal kind hearted and sweet ounce he's yours don't let him go hold on to him forever
I love my william
by Eva armour June 29, 2017
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a boy that goes to your school. he's amazing, of course... he's the most stunning think you'll ever lay your eyes on. he's sweet & funny. he's a beast at video games and never fails at making you happy. he's the boy that you want to date, but you can't because he's taken. taken by a normail girl, unlike yourself. </3
william is amazing,
by Her Self. January 24, 2010
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joseph's pet Faithfull human dog, he just follows him around and gets treated with math answers.
William: he is jigging sir
joe: wowwwww William you would dog the boys
William: you are gay lol
by oof spahgetti December 7, 2018
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1. An English name coming from the German name, Vilhelm, literally meaning will(desire, will) and helmet (protection). It has many variants in over 50 languages. Variants include but are not limited to:
Wilhelm, Vilhelm, Guillaume, Guillermo, Guglielmo, and Guilherme

Nicknames for William include: Will, Bill, and Billiam.

According to the 1990 U.S. Census the name William is the 5th most popular first name with 2.451% of the male population

Many famous and successful people have been/are named William.

1. Bill Gates (richest man in the world)
2. Bill Clinton (Former president)
3. William the Conqueror (conqueror of England in 1066)
4. William Shakespeare (greatest writer of the English language)
5. King William of Prussia (Emperor of Germany before WWI)

A fine name, if I do say so myself.
I asked him what he would name his child, and he responded, "William".
by sihfoagfndhmdfm October 8, 2006
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