In its original form recorded in the early 1960s, it refers to the voracious feeding habits of sharks. From the late 1970s onward it came into use in its more general sense which means furious commercial competition.
Microsoft and IBM are in a feeding frenzy.
by papermachete November 03, 2005
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a scene of frantic competition or unrestrained greed (from a a situation where several sharks or other predatory fish attempt to catch a single prey animal at once)
The made in America comeback could eventually fuel a feeding frenzy among businesses looking to corner the market.
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Usually the curse that follows after a group of friends have had a session of blazing and hit an all time high of munching, thus it turns into an orgy of eating.
"Dude, a few friends and I were blazing one night and once we all had the munchies, we shot through to Mcd's and had a feeding frenzy!!"
by CHouns November 11, 2011
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Any gathering of 3 or more feed bags in one area at the same time.
At lunch today, there was a feeding frenzy going on in the cafeteria.
by acidicmynd March 24, 2011
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Plural of Feeding the Bitch. When a bunch of women get around each other and start talking … one’s bitchiness feeds another, which in turn feeds another, which in turn …

You get the idea.
Brian: Shitreously…do you hear them over there? Amy, Donna, Marika, Lyn, Beth, Melissa, Robin, Jennifer … It’s a Bitch Feeding Frenzy!!!!
by BriDonAm May 06, 2010
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1. The short song sang by candace from phineas and ferb in the episode What do it do? after she thinks she has busted phineas and ferb
1. Its a Busting feeding frenzy stay outta the water!
by platypussy_licker May 03, 2019
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