Mary was regatta through the border to make some dope cash, yo!

Imma regatta half a key of coke this weekend; imma make mad cash.
by Joe Trapasso April 8, 2007
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Regatta (ri-ga't-ta) n: A time when the different chapters of the Cult of Crew meet around the world to test each other and themselves in some of the worst conditions known to man. These strange creatures attend these events, which can last up to several days, from mid March to early November. They will come, and they will fight no matter weather. Only two things have the power to stop the cult members (commonly known as "rowers") from participating in these time-honored rituals: The Gods of Wind and Lightning. And even the God of Lightning is only powerful enough to pause the proceedings; without the help of Wind, Lightning will only delay the event for a mere half hour. On occasion, Wind will ask his fellow gods, Rain, Cloud, Hail, Mud, Cold, and Snow to help him in his quest to make the Rowers as miserable as possible. However, when Wind isn't looking, Sun will often take pity on the Rowers and will make himself known, brining hope and renewed spirit to the wretched souls. At the end of the event, the different chapters pack up their equipment and head home, only to begin preparing to attend another regatta the following weekend.
Spring Regatta Schedule:
3/25 Green Lake Spring Regatta
4/1 Husky Invitational
4/8-9 Covered Bridge
4/15 Seattle Sprints
4/27-30 Brentwood
5/6 Opening Day/Windermere Cup
5/13 Commencement Bay
5/19-21 Northwest Regional Championships
by qrabbit October 6, 2006
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A boat race. Either Rowing or Sailing.
I have a regatta in Sacramento this weekend so I cant hang out.
by ShamSham May 21, 2007
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anything to do with white people; also can mean "white person swag"

used in a joking way

refers to the boat race, in which the majority of contenders are white.
(when describing swag) Bill Clinton has an intense amount of regatta.
or (when used to make fun of people)
That kid over there with crocs has a lot of regatta.
by casserole007 December 21, 2011
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Usually an event held for competing crews (rowing teams) to race each other. Large events usually contain various tents of buy-able items as well as each teams tent. Regatta's are usually interesting in that the weather usually sucks, you spend 90% of the time waiting for your event only for it to get delayed due to weather and when its time to race usually bow and 6 are no where to be found, you find your self flirting with the all girls crew teams conveniently placed next to your trailer, and last but not least or the limit of these epic events is the race which is usually 1500-5000 meters of pure hell (1500-2000 meters in the spring/summer months and 5000 meters in the fall). Lady's and gentlemen this is Crew.
Girl: Hey want to hook up this weekend?!!
Boy: I got a Regatta in toga' this weekend sorry
Girl: Oh...*goes up the list on hook up list*
Boy: *thinks* damn I guess I'm stuck with these ass clowns of rowers for the weekend.
by CTU_FieldAgent200 May 1, 2010
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The act of taking the gamble and getting shitfaced drunk the night before the Royal St. John's Regatta in St. John's, Newfoundland. Due to the precarious status of the holiday*, this is a risky venture. People may have to go to work with a hangover, or worse: still drunk.

*The Regatta is one of very few weather dependent holidays. If the winds are too high, the boat races are cancelled and there is no holiday. (it will be moved to the following day, weather permitting).
Why is Jane covered in excrement and wearing sunglasses at her desk?

She lost bad at Regatta Roulette.
by townie86 August 2, 2011
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“A complete week of hardcore alcohol and drug abuse in the summer month of august
Poor young henry was too fucked up to give a damn that it was past his bed time... why? Because it was beer regatta.
by Beermassive January 24, 2019
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