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The proper way to squat. Only girls and phaggots complain about this and if you think it kills your knees your just a pussy. Basically you go further pass parallel tell your ass is almost touching the ground ("grass"). This ensures you properly work all the muscles. And it looks way more bad ass. 225 ass to the grass or bust. Also known as ATG
Bob: *quarter squatting 225*

Frank: hey bob why don't you stop being a pussy and start squating ass to the grass *squats 315 ATG for ten reps*
by CTU_FieldAgent200 May 22, 2010
The illest sports sedan ever. The car is sleek looking but one wouldn't expect it to dust a porche 911, and a nissan skyline like an f16 vs a learjet. You will fuck shit up In this fine piece of German art.
Jimal: ah shit son my pumped up nissan is gonna wreck yo ass up shit son
Nate: cool story brah I can't wait to blow past your trash talking ass in my stock bmw m3 with 444 horse power at 180mph ripping through your ass like an f22 raptor. Better hold onto your shit tight.
by CTU_FieldAgent200 June 12, 2010
The worst endurance exercize ever. I seriously can not think of anything worse. Usually done on foot but can be applied to biking as well. Basically your coach for whatever sport will take you to a steep hill on a nice hot day (he won't do this unless its at least 90 degrees) and tells you to run your sorry ass up and down the hill some ludacris amount, always above 20. Someone is guarenteed to throw up with at least one person being hauled out in an ambulance. This sick twisted workout gets you endurance up but when your doing it you would rather die.
Example one
Crew coach: alright rowers seeing as its a nice 90 degree day and the water is to perfect to row in we are going to run a mile to that hill over their to do 30 hills
Rowers: *die a little inside already*
Football coach: alright gentlemen we are going to do hills!
Athletes: hey coach, fuck you.
by CTU_FieldAgent200 May 31, 2010
1. A female or dog that literally physically holds onto you.

2. The worst case of a relationship or not actually a relationship 70% of the time. It starts off like any other relationship but the early symptoms are steep curve of attraction for the clinger so say they the subject female instantly wants a sexual relationship, they claim to love you, they quite literally fill your inbox or txt you at least 20 times a day up to 999 in severe cases though less is still subjected to extreme cases of anxiety, guilt and panic attacks, if your like me and already have anxiety you'll want to pay attention to the anti-clingy-female kit.

-Anti-anxiety agents like alcoholic beverages, xanax, etc. this will suppress your stress.
-Your cellphone carriers block number list
-Facebook privacy modifications
-Turn phone off in severe cases
Kill me now I just accidentally caught a clingy-female in the ocean of woman. Fuck...brb throwing phone into wall and downing half a bottle of k-pins.
by CTU_FieldAgent200 January 31, 2011
Slang in the medical community for a so called sedation "protocol" or lack there of. Usually used when referring to combative/non-compliant patients, it consists of getting as many nurses as possible and/or possible large male nurses that usually don't speak much English but can squat 450lbs and bench 350lbs. If done correctly BRUTAINE does not require a HAM sandwich (Haldol-Ativan-Morphine) or any sort of drugs however if you get some really crazy people you might have to hit them pretty hard with something cruel like 100mg of chlorpromazine (aka the over used anti-psychotic of the 60's!!).
Nurse Annie: Doctor! Doctor! The patient is hitting/biting/being a pain in the ass and won't calm down! Help!

Doctor Smith: Did someone request an order for some BRUTAINE?!!!! *Gets out Rx pad* Nurse Vladimir go help Nurse Annie before I get wild and finish this order for 15mg of Versed to sedate that crazy GOMER that's been sitting here for weeks.

Nurse Vladimir: Yes Doctor /Russian accent. *Proceeds to overhead press patient then forcefully straps him into restraints in his bed*
by CTU_FieldAgent200 July 1, 2011
Basically to be a dumb fuck. Common insult by anyone with an IQ well more than room temp. Used to degrade imbeciles who attempt to act superior than the intelligent (IQs over 110 IMO). I don't particularly enjoy talking with said idiots past simple things but I do enjoy manipulating them with basic derka derka psychology.
Moron: lol ur so stupid you don't act like me I'm "cool"

Me: cool story bro. I don't have time for 100 pound smart asses with room temperature IQs with homoerotic hair. Go suck on your stubs you lose. Miserable.
by CTU_FieldAgent200 November 6, 2010
The emergency room is literally the worst place to be not because of the fact that you just crushed your entire hand and its gushing blood while a woman with a cold is rushed into a room with 3 Residents and an ER Doc but because you will literally see the scum of america.Usually you'll see a fat chick nursing a baby in clothes that really should have been left at home/never scene in public with, some random hobo in smelly shitty clothes, shanqiqi who is either bitching about her boyfriend on the phone or making up a story as to how there child "fell down the stairs" and managed to get a spiral fracture, crying baby that probably makes you want to go postal, tough lumbar jack like dude with like some insane injury just sitting there, drug seekers who "lost there MS Contin" and seam to do so on a regular basis or maybe its the guy who "accidentally spilled his Opana ER down a sour pipe", etc.
After waiting 7 and a half hours in front of a bunch of chuckle heads looking to score some dilaudid you get in and the doctor usually looks at you like your an alien. If its a broken limb you usually get a cast and a bottle of Vicodin. If you have some mysterious ailment you usually have 4 residents scratching there head while some half retarded physicians assistant who's "scene it all" explains that you just have a tummy ache. But this is not before they take a bunch of your blood, do random tests and give you enough radiation from the CT scan,MRI,Xray to give a child terminal cancer.
-After getting hit by a car while bicycling John crawled to the ER for over an hour with two broken femurs and structural damage to his femural artery. When he reached the medical twilight zone that is the Emergency Room he was told to take a seat while jimal and gramps were scene by doctors for stuffy noses.

-Shit I broken my arm...ah its off to the wonderful freak show that is the Emergency Room!!!

-Emergency Room: Saving the world from seeing its primary care doctor, Would you like some dilaudid with that?
by CTU_FieldAgent200 February 19, 2011