The most phisically demanding sport, you will ever encounter. It's hard, exhausting and makes you feel like you want to collapse. Rowers get up every morning at 6 to go out in the freezing cold weather to row with there 'pogies'. Even in 12 degree weather, they walk around in a one piece lycra and a spandex top. During winter training, rowers train inside doing runs, circuits, weights and ergos which normally consist of 2k, 5k and the dreaded 30 minutes. 30 minutes are dread awful. It's hard to describe the pain of 30 minutes but most rowers are crying by halfway. Rowing is the greatest dport ever. Admit it. It's true.
"Hey I'm going rowing after this."
"In this weather? It's raining!"
"Hey, don't worry, I've got my full lycra and spandex kit to keep me toasty warm" ;)
by ROWINGBUDDIES222 January 13, 2012
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The hardest sport. EVER. Much harder than swimming. But normally done by hotties.
*Swimmer*: You rowers are so lame. Especially those Zooties
*Rower*: What? Your googles are cooler?

Wow. Rowing is hard, but how freaking hot are they?
by rowingforeverbabe October 18, 2009
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No timeouts...
No halftime...
Just 2000 meters of adrenaline pumping,
lung busting, pain.
I saw that on a rowing t-shirt
by Sparkae January 3, 2017
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Hopeless process of destroying one's self in an attempt to move a Buoyancy - Operated - Aquatic - Transport mechanism, a.k.a. 'boat'. This futile act of throwing one's body limply against a long, plastic - and - wood (or metal) stick (also known as an 'oar') and thrashing one's arms about caused much pain and distress in the High Middle Ages, or around the 12th or 13th century, when many were expected to actually succeed at doing this on the trade vessels that were in fashion at the time.

Modern futility experts estimate that the people who continue to practice of this exercise will eventually die out due to natural selection and lack of reproductive ability.
Example of a rowing - related exclamation:
"Rowing practice; shit!"
by Xethro Gensh June 15, 2015
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One of the hardest sports in existence. Everything else is just a game. Rowing is not to be confused with sculling, in which each person holds 2 sculling blades compared to just one in rowing.
Rowing is about racing, mostly over 2000 meters. Boats can range from holding one sculler, to 8 rowers and a cox. The whole aim of a good rower is to get his blade into the water, pull as hard as he can and get the blade out again. He has to do this as efficiently as possible, ensuring his energy goes into making the boat move forward rather than slowing down.
The stroke a rower takes can be divided into seperate parts:
1. Back stops, where the rower is sitting back with the blade close to his body ready to move off, with the blade turned 45 degrees in relation to the water.
2. The arms move out to full extension.
3. The body leans forward
4. The legs compress moving the body up the slide until the shins of the rower are vertical. (this is called front stops)
5. The catch, where as soon as the rower reaches front stops the blade is placed in the water and pulled as hard as the cox tells you to.
6. Reverse the steps above with the blade in the water, bringing the blade back round to the body
7. The finish, where the blade is raised out of the water and feathered to lower air resistance, ready to start another stroke.
The rowing season essentially never ends, if the weather is bad outside we do ergo's and weights in the gym. Ergos are soul destroying hateful pieces of equipment. If possible stay well away from them.
However, rowing is the most rewarding sport, i got into the first 8 at school and now we are getting ready to race at Henley Royal Regatta. :D
Fat boy, pull harder you freeloader!! Rowing isn't the sport for you if you arn't willing to die for it!
by Mazdog118 June 22, 2006
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Rowing is the toughest sport out there. A 2,000 meter race takes up as much effort and will and strength as 2 back to back football games and it only takes 6-7 mins. Next time you think your sport is hard, the athletes wake up at 4am sometimes to go to practice. In the winter they don’t get a break from rowing, no they erg (rowing machine) almost every day and do weights when they aren’t erging. Rowing not only takes extreme strength but also mental toughness to pull through even when your body is screaming at you. To increase your speed and lower your split instead of stopping when you have 250m left.
O: Hey what time is it?
T: It’s 4:45 I have to go to practice.
O: Rowing practice?
T: ya it’s gonna be hell
by Heyyyyyaaaaa November 19, 2018
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A team exercise, consisting of 5 sweaty men sitting in a slim boat, touching and kissing each other while lubing up their thighs.
Neil: I like rowing
Me: Niggerx
by Petey the Pedo May 6, 2019
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