Dangerously lacking security
Iraq is a precarius place for citizens to walk freely.
by Khalid Chahi January 4, 2005
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dangerously unsteady
Hopefully this has not ruined our precariously perched friendship.

Listen to unsteady (use the word precarious in place of unsteady) by X-Ambassorders.
by glazer no chaser November 16, 2017
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To be at ones mercy. To be in a situation where only someone else other than your self can decide your fate. (Most of the time a bad scenario).
When Steve put my king in check i knew i was in a precarious position.

After the defendant sat down and took a look into the eyes of the vindictive jury he thought to himself "well ain't I in a precarious position".
by QuietMezzo October 7, 2008
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